No, I didn’t forget about Father’s day

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father's day

I just had a little trouble with this holiday today because the hubby had to work this weekend and it made me so sad that he had to miss out. (And yes, we’ll definitely celebrate again, but it just won’t be today.  Isn’t that silly how a day can make so much difference mentally?)

father's dayfather's day

And my sweet grandpa is a little under the weather and had a hospital visit, so I had to check and make sure he’s doing okay.  Thankfully, he’s as feisty as ever despite probably not feeling 100% but it melted my heart to hear him laugh and chat away.  I hope I have his spirit somewhere in me when I’m his age.

father's daydad and me

But that meant I also got a little time with my dad which meant the world to me.  It always amazes me how as a grown up we get so little time to hang out with people we truly love and how when you’re little you don’t realize that one day you’ll miss hanging out with the guy that nags you to clean your room or practice piano or pick up the clothes pile that grows itself in the corner of your room.  I always think of my dad and how he always knew how to make things okay when we were little and I try to figure out what he’d say when I’m holding one of my guys’ little hands when they’re upset and all I really want is that comforting big hand holding my own telling me things will be okay too.  He is brave, kind and someone you can always count on, and I hope my guys learn this from him over the years.

father's day

My guys are lucky to have some amazing men in their life- my dad, my husband’s dad, my grandpa and some fantastic uncles and great-uncles and friends.

But today, I missed my best friend.  My partner in all of this.  My hubby.  And the guy that makes my guys’ lives so amazingly fun and full of adventure, laughs and joy.  I hope you felt us thinking of you today love, and we are so lucky to have you in our lives.

in a rowboat

(PS. the guys have decided to take you somewhere where we can camp and rowboat just like last year!)


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