So easy summer salad

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I am not a big fuss cooker, so I love things like salads that taste good, have loads of vegetables and are easy to make.

I usually make this salad when I have leftover roast corn-I always buy a few more corn than I think we’ll need for a barbeque then after dinner I cut the kernels off and save them for a salad the next day.  If you don’t have roast corn, just wash a couple of corns in husks and throw them into the oven for about 30-40 minutes at 350 degrees and then let them cool.

So here’s how it goes:

corn salad that is perfect for summer

Summer Salad

cold corn kernels from 2-3 roast corn

1 orange pepper chopped up small

a handful or two of cherry or pearl tomatoes sliced in half(Really just as many as you feel like cutting up for color and taste for the salad.  I tried to do a whole container, but I got lazy.)

a handful of sugar snap peas chopped up (I just wanted a little green.  If you don’t have peas, maybe a handful of lettuce but it’s really up to you.)

a handful of fresh mint chopped and sprinkled in

a tablespoon or two of olive oil (I don’t like overly oily salads, but you can adjust this to your own taste)

Juice from one lemon

salt and pepper to taste.

Then just toss everything into a bowl and mix a few times.  I love it when this one sits for a little while and everything marinates in the flavor- I just make sure I mix it before I serve it.  We had this with hotdogs so I had leftover roast onions so threw I threw them in with the salad leftovers too and roast onions just taste amazing in it!   As you can see, I don’t think cooking is a total exact science.  But you can’t go wrong with a salad like this and it totally tastes like summer in a bowl.

PS. don’t hotdogs on a pretty plate make them look fancy?

hotdogs on a pretty plate

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