Cloud City Coffee and Pianos in the Parks (Seattle, WA)

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Some things on a Friday are to wonderful not to share.  We wanted to hang out at the park with friends before some errands at Costco (and you know how how I feel about Costco) and we spent the morning at a great park in Maple Leaf. (It even has a zip-line!) And then playing spilled into lunch because we stopped in for coffee at Cloud City Coffee, but who could resist a sandwich feast like this?

turkey sandwich at Cloud City Coffee Seattle

And our kids were behaving wonderfully.

reading at the coffee shop reading at the coffee shop

These are moments you just want to freeze.

sitting on the couch at Cloud City Coffee

While we were there my guys fell in love with this book called Clifford’s Big Book of Things and I found some a used copy online and I can’t wait for it to come in a few weeks.

And to top of our lovely day we found a random piano on our walk back to the park.  (yes, you can walk to Cloud City coffee from the park!)

Pianos in the parks SeattlePianos in the parks in Seattle

Seattle now has Pianos in the Parks.  We saw one of these in a train station in Strasbourg, and then I’ve heard they’re in my hometown of Vancouver, Canada in parks as part of a “Keys to the Street” piano initiative too.

I’m so proud that now my city just wants us to take some time to relax and enjoy some spontaneous beautiful music in our communities.

And those errands….um….yes. Of course they were just thrown aside.  Some afternoons are just too wonderful to waste indoors.

(I might have even dusted off some of my old piano books and taken some time at my piano at home.  There’s nothing like seeing a piano just standing there to make you feel all nostalgic and want to remember how to play.  Have you spotted a piano in the outdoors yet?  And did you sit down and play it?

PS. thank you K for the picture of me with a pile of kids and a lovely park day!)

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    1. Oh that’s awesome! Yes! What an awesome neighborhood and that is seriously an adorable coffee shop/park setup. And let me know if you’re ever in my hood and I’ll try to clean up really quick so you can come over:)

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