Green and Blue shopping on a Monday

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One night at a Sounders game I overheard a Sounders newbie saying “did Xbox give out free shirts tonight? Everyone in the stadium is wearing one!” Sure enough, we are a city that breathes blue and green and I’m slowly starting to embrace it. The family finally convinced me I needed a Sounders shirt, but I like adding my own little bit of flair. (And thankfully the blue and green color scheme works for Seahawks and Vancouver Canucks too.)

Ravenna girls nautical bracelet

I love my nautical rope bracelets from Ravenna Girls-I received a new green one in my swag bag from our last Seattle bloggers meetup and it is so perfect! (I also loved the Fran‘s chocolates we received too-the dried fruit studded chocolate bars are definitely a fave in our house but I think you can only get them at their boutiques, so it’s definitely a reason to visit them if you are a chocolate fan in Seattle!)

sounders style
I also love a necklace from Baublebar that is over-the-top sparkly for my game night on a blue and green cord base-I don’t see it on their site anymore but they have this bracelet trio that is in the same color scheme. It almost makes me want to bedazzle one of my old sounders scarves too.
And this product is just green but it’s inspired by a new local family, the Saunders Family (welcome to the Pacific Northwest!!!!) in this Swiffer commercial. I am in a constant battle against yucky stuff on my wood floors and just like in the commercial my doorbell rang and the delivery guy dropped off a fabulous box of cleaning supplies.

box of swiffer cleaning

I really loved using the dry floor wipes with the Swiffer sweeper because they pick up a lot of grime without me having to use a dustpan and I was pretty happy when I visited a shopping savvy friend and she was using the Swiffer sweeper too and said she liked how easily it worked.

swiffer mop
And if it wasn’t news to you before, we are not green thumbs in my house, but that doesn’t stop us from trying. I bought a wall vase thinking I would use it to grow mint and basil indoors but thought I should try and see if I could keep a succulent alive first. We have been debating the best way to cleanly water the cactus because misting it gets water and dirt all over the wall, so the hubby apparently has been using ice cubes on hot days. Has anyone heard of this method for watering cacti? (I’m thinking no.)

can you see the ice cube?

So happy Monday!  I hope there’s good shopping happening wherever you are!

(PS. I received that box of Swiffer goodies to review, but the opinions here are my own and I was not required to write a review and I wouldn’t tell you about something that I didn’t like on a Monday anyways.)

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