Sweater shopping for a sweeter Monday

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Apparently it’s sweet week in Seattle which isn’t the worst news in the world.  Oh dear.  Do we HAVE to eat more sweets this week?  I love so many of the participating vendors and for 5 bucks a treat, it’s a great excuse to indulge.

And it’s crazy how every week it seems like we’re getting new places to find sweets in Seattle.

lunch at trove seattle

Last week the hubby and I stopped by Trove Seattle, a new cool noodle place for lunch and found out they had a parfait window too!  The jars that the soft serve ice cream comes in are adorable and I really like the inventive sundae flavors, so it’s really cool that we have neat things like this in our city.

glass jar parfait at trove seattle

And the nicest thing about fall weather and indulging is that bulky sweaters also hide the effects of eating too many sweets.  I saw some really adorable sweaters and tunics in a shop called Glasswing when we went there last week for a blogging meetup to make terrariums. 

terrarium from Glasswing shop

(I think Glasswing will be offering more classes soon and if they are anything like this one they will be AWESOME!)

very cool seattle souvenir
I also spotted these lovely Seattle bags there too and I’m trying to think of what I can use them for so I can go back and pick one up.

I also have my eye on this Burton sweater for when it gets a little colder outside.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 1.45.02 PM

It’s the perfect combination of grey and pockets that I love. And yes, I’d like to do a little more exercise now that the kids are in school but sometimes it’s so much better to just sit with a cup of coffee, a warm sweater and a magazine and enjoy fall.

walking at Klalaloch Beach at night

We spent the weekend at the Klalaloch Lodge on the Olympic Peninsula so I’ll be unpacking for the rest of today, (and I’ll tell you more about this later!  It’s an awesome trip to do with kids!) but I hope you’re having a lovely Monday and getting a chance to shop and spend some time to yourself too!

bread pudding

(PS. I found a great bread pudding recipe to use up all the bread crusts I cut off the kids’ sandwiches-it’s this one and it was pretty easy and turned out really yummy too.  The spoon in it is to cover the big hole I ate when I was ‘checking’ to make sure the middle was actually done.  It’s a great autumn dessert especially when it’s served with vanilla ice cream.)


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