Sometimes we celebrate

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Making cake is just an excuse for us to eat sugar soccer balls for breakfast.

cake made by kids

Because the best thing after birthdays is leftover cake and birthdays are meant to be celebrated for a while.  And even more than cake or making cake or having birthdays, knowing that we get a chance to say thank you for being in our lives is what brings us the most joy.

making a cake

This was a team effort as most worthwhile things we do often are.  How thankful are we for this team?

Thank you love, for dreaming with me about neat adventures and making them come true.

holding a sloth in costa rica


whole beach to ourselves in isla mujeres

For loving our family and for hanging out with us

walking at the top of Hurrican Ridge

And teaching us cool things.

working together at the science center

building a fire on the beach

For being up for exploration and adventure.

sitting on the beach in Seattle

We’re lucky to have you in our lives.

biking in denmark

I’m lucky to have you as my husband.

me and the hubby

And I’m hoping and wishing for many, many more years.

(PS. we used Joy the Baker’s Peanut Butter cake recipe and it turned out!  I love the Joy the Baker’s cookbook because it’s witty and sassy, the recipes are easy to follow and she has a single-serving cake recipe that is incredible.  She even tells you how to make cake flour and brown sugar too.)

(PPS. I bought the book because my best friend did.  And she also has a husband with the same name.  Thank you S. )

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