The Fremont Troll and where we eat nearby (Fremont, Seattle)

the fremont troll is a must see with kids in seattle
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The other day we were heading out for a simple dinner (we often eat at Tutta Bella with the kids and if we get there before 6pm it’s happy hour and dinner is even more awesome) when we decided to take a little detour up Troll street to say hello to our favorite Seattle neighborhood troll.

It is a rare day when you get a picture of this guy WITHOUT anyone else visiting, so were thrilled.  And I didn’t really know much about him, so I found a lot of facts here and realized, he’s actually quite young!  He’s not even thirty yet!  But because trolls usually live a long time, we should see him around for ages for sure.  I’m excited to watch the nearby park develop as part of the Troll’s Knoll Project in Seattle-I can see this becoming a really great place in the next few years.  And because Halloween is coming up, you might want to visit the troll that day to wish him well because apparently that’s his birthday(of course, the troll was born on Halloween) and Fremont has been celebrating Trolloween for years!

I’ve also been asked a couple of times lately where I eat near the troll.  Of course, Tutta Bella is a short drive away and it’s a total no-brainer with kids in tow.  I love Milstead and Co, the coffee shop a few blocks below, so it’s nice to grab a cup of coffee before you walk to see him. And I’m curious to see how the new Schilling Cider Tasting room is when I go there next without kids. The Whale Wins, another restaurant I love is also nearby and I have been dying to try Westward which is also a short drive away. We frequent the Fremont Than Brothers Pho, Jai Thai and Tacos Guyamos when we are in the area with our kids and I love that Fremont is always adding new and fabulous restaurants to add to our growing repertoire.

That night we were set on Tutta Bella and we were so hungry I barely snapped any pictures except for this one moments before everyone devoured my dessert.

dessert at Tutta Bella Seattle

My kids love this restaurant and they also love to read about the cities they visit.  If you have little ones who want to read about some Seattle landmarks, the troll makes an appearance in Larry Gets Lost in Seattle and in Monsters Under Bridges too.

Have you been to see the Troll in Seattle?  And if you’re not from here, do you have a strange landmark in your city we should see when we visit?  I’d love to hear!

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