More gifts for Seattle lovers!

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I already have a list of Uniquely Seattle Gifts and a list of places in Seattle where you can help others with your Christmas shopping but here are a few updates I’ve found in the last little while:

Like how can you resist this adorable Seattle Luggage tag charm from Jet Set Candy?(They actually have a TON of awesome travel-themed jewelry on their site!  Their Las Vegas hold onto your chips charm is totally cute too!)

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 10.36.58 AM

For kids who like the Seahawks there is a Generation 12 Fan Kit for 20 dollars which includes a 20% off one time purchase at the pro-shop that might come in pretty handy and even pay off the membership if you decide to make a big purchase in the New Year.

If you’re shopping for someone who likes collectables Seattle is the official birthplace of the RainGlobe and you can get a Seattle-themed one of one for all of Washington. (I also love that Fred, one of the founders is part of the Caspar Babypants band that my guys totally idolized when they were a little smaller.)

And if you are a fan of Seattle band, the Presidents of the United States of America(they have a new album coming out in FEBRUARY!!!) and want to get your preschooler initiated into Kindie Rock, then you can either get tickets to one of the Caspar Babypants shows, or pick up a CD.  My guys really loved the Here I am and More Please cds.

Pike Place Market has been selling their winter flower bouquets lately, so I definitely know it’s winter and because they’re not as fragile as the usual bouquets I think they’ll last a lot longer and maybe even travel ok if you pick one up as a souvenir.

winter bouquets at Pike Place Market

I also stumbled into Pear Delicatessen in Pike Place Market and saw they carry Seattle-based Pop Gourmet Popcorn Sriacha Hot Chili Sauce Popcorn and I noticed they have a bunch of other amazing Washington made products there too.

Have you found any cool Seattle gifts I should check out?

(PS. if you’re looking for cool travel-themed gifts, my friend Keryn from Walkingontravels has put together this awesome list!)


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