Lacing up the running shoes and getting ready for the Woodinville Half Marathon

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When I was contacted a few weeks about a new run in Woodinville put on by Destination Races Wine Country Half Marathons, I was excited to try it but was a little worried because I am in no shape to run a half and I didn’t think I would have enough time to train.  My last big run was the 10km up in Whistler in June and we’ve been indulging a lot this summer.  And then I saw that there was a 2-person RELAY option. This means I can run half the half and get a partner to run the other half.  So I’ve convinced the hubby to help me with this run and we are running our first race together and I couldn’t be more pleased.  Friends have run the Destination Race in Kelowna BC and have said it is awesome and I checked out the route map for this run and it looks like we will be taken through some gorgeous Woodinville scenery.

Half a half marathon is just a little over 10km and for a fun course and fabulous post-race events, I can totally do this!

What could be better than running and wine? (For 21+ of course!)

Now I’m just trying to decide if I should run the first half or the second half.  I’m thinking I will do better running the last half so I get to see the finish line but running the first half might leave me better rested for the after-party.  Will I see you running next weekend too?

(PS. Disclosure: The hubby and I received complimentary running entries but I was not required to post and I will definitely have to RUN this one so the ideas and feelings I have about this endeavor are totally my own.)

(PPS. We have now had no school for 3 days and this is the longest summer I’ve spent with my kids since they started preschool.  A run like this one couldn’t have come at a better time.)

4 thoughts on “Lacing up the running shoes and getting ready for the Woodinville Half Marathon

  1. I’ve done the Destination Races in Oregon wine country & loved it. They’re super organized, the route was great, & it was so fun wine tasting after the race. I live in Olympia so I’ll have to check out the Woodinville run!

    1. Thanks Kendra! So good to know that they’re organized. I’m excited for this race-it’s in a beautiful part of Washington! Olympia is gorgeous too!

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