Getting ready for an October Monday in Seattle

family bike rides with kids in seattle
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I can totally get used to these no-umbrella, sunny fall weekends in Seattle especially now that it’s soccer season.  We spent the weekend tidying the house, playing soccer and bike-riding through gorgeous fall leaves (and I’ll update you on our big bike ride later this week!) but it’s perfectly autumn in Seattle right now so if you’re planning on visiting the northwest, this is one of the best times to visit.  In the fall I always try to see how long I can go before I have to wear my giant parka to the kids’ practices and games and so far we’ve almost made it through a month. (If your kids are in soccer, I’d love to hear what you love to wear on the side-lines!  I am never warm enough!)

And even though Monday’s barely here we already know what the Seahawks field will look like because we previewed it at the Sounders’ game.  I get that there is a big football game less than 24 hours away but it is really weird watching the Sounders play on a Seahawks field.  I felt like yelling “TOUCHDOWN!!!!!” when they got their goal.  (But I didn’t.  I’m Sounders till I die…..)

wrong team name on field in October

I know that Monday I’ll be checking out Emerald Cuff (they sent me a coupon code to share with you until October 16 2015: EMERALDCITY for 15% off!) and Golden Tote to see what new collections they have.  I do like to celebrate the seasons with new clothes.

And I may bring the kids by Top Pot donuts because I heard they have free maple bars (while supplies last between 6-10am!) on Monday October 5th and if we do we’ll bring some donations for Northwest Harvest too.

I’ll also be packing up my old DSLR to bring to the Pix conference on Wednesday.  Samsung is hosting a #DitchtheDSLR promotion where you bring in your old working DSLR and its parts and get a brand new Samsung NX500 28mp mirror-less camera while supplies last. I’ll definitely let you know how that one goes too and I think you can still get tickets to the conference.

AND I’m hoping to stop by Il Corvo again too because I tried this drink there a few weeks ago called lemoncocco and now I’m craving it and haven’t seen it in the grocery stores.  Do you know where I can find this?  Have you seen it anywhere?

So I hope you had a lovely weekend too! What are you up to this Monday?



4 thoughts on “Getting ready for an October Monday in Seattle

  1. If you ever want to meet for lunch at Il Corvo, my office is just a couple blocks away. OR, they have lemoncocco at Cafe Umbria which is right next door to my office. Let me know 🙂

    1. Oh Brianne that would be lovely! I love the Cafe Umbria there! So awesome that they have lemoncocco are you in love with it too?

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