Eye opening things to be thankful for on a Monday

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First of all, happy thanksgiving lovelies! I’m so thankful that having Canadian roots lets my family celebrate a holiday full of thanks not only once but twice every year!   Are you celebrating today too?  We just got back literally a few hours ago from a weekend conference in San Diego (that I’ll definitely catch you up on when I actually catch up on it) so I’m scrambling to put together a little Thanksgiving meal for my guys and reflecting on last year’s thanksgiving when my whole family came to visit.

But I know I need to make this pumpkin pie and take a little time for myself.

Sometimes we all just need a little time to sit and realize all the things we have to be thankful for.  I am so grateful for an amazing family and beautiful friends up North and I hope I can celebrate with them next year.  And I’m thankful for my little family here who drags me on bikes and to sports games and into the wilderness for adventures.
And I’m totally thankful for my eyeball.

I love my eyeball!

And I don’t mean to be dramatic, but my eyeball has been giving me grief for the past month and it is finally getting back to normal. (I hope!  Cross your fingers!  Throw salt over your shoulder! Knock on wood three times!)

I was starting to worry I would have to wear an eyepatch or glasses forever, and it is so hard to do hot yoga or run in glasses and I did not want to show up at my kids’ school with an eyepatch everyday.  I just feel like a whole different person when I’m wearing stuff on my face, so having one eye go crazy made me feel a lot less like myself.  And apparently all my drama was caused because of ONE eyelash.  How wild is that?  ONE eyelash can take you down because it decides to grow the wrong way.

And this is a problem that is quite common (or at least that’s what the eye doctor told me to make me feel better).

So if you are like me and you have ever sent a text like this:

my contact is stuck in my eye

Or have put on false eyelashes and maybe not pulled them off quite properly. (maybe you shouldn’t pull them off at all, I probably should have looked it up on youtube, there are over 40,000 posts about this!)

Or maybe not removed your eye makeup all the way or slept on your pillow with your face all mashed into it.

Or just because you’re getting old.

It just happens.

So then the eye doctor puts your face into a scary machine with a chin-strap and tells you to open your eye wide while the scary tweezers come closer and closer to where you DON’T want tweezers to be.  And the mighty eyelash that wants to wreck your life decides to break so it can cause even more drama.

And then the doctor has to inject a painful needle into your eyelid to freeze it while you grab the nurse’s hands for dear life and then he takes another scary tool and aims it back at your wide-open eye again so he can BURN that stinking eyelash off so that you can hovel back to your car with a pile of ice in one hand and another hand covered with gauze holding your giant swollen eyelid in a stunned daze wondering what just happened and how you ever got in this predicament in the first place……..

So I am thankful for my eyeball.

What are you thankful for today?

Happy Monday 😉

(PS after I survived all this eye ball drama I am now considering laser eye surgery.  Apparently that only takes seconds.  Have you don it? Thoughts?)

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