Books for the Holidays make a Great Tradition for Kids

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My advent calendar is halfway done and it’s been so uplifting to hear all the wonderful messages from friends and family about what this season means to them.  My friend Heather, who we met years ago in a birthing class for multiples, sent me a tradition she has in her family that I absolutely love!

Christmas books from Heather for homemade advent calendar

There are so many things that I love about the holidays, but one tradition that my parents started for me when I was little is the gift of an annual Christmas book. I have continued this ritual with my own children, and it is so fun to choose one each year that I think they would enjoy, and to take all of the books out each December. we love reading them together, and now that my older kids are readers, they bring the books into their beds for cozy winter reading. the inscriptions from over the years are so fun to see, too.
Our Christmas library is a treasured (and ever-growing!) tradition in our family.
tis the season!

Thank you so much Heather for sharing.  The Christmas Magic, is also one of our favorites and it was so neat to see it in her collection too.  I ended up buying the Richard Scarry Best Christmas Book Ever in her picture because my guys love those books and I didn’t know they had a Christmas one.  And a favorite in our library is Little Santa, a book someone gave us ages ago.  Over the years, I’ve really appreciated Heather’s creativity, beautiful spirit, adorable family, Portland restaurant recommendations and I love love love her photos!  (She’s also been writing for Apartment Therapy, a blog I love about home design, and her home tours are so fun to read!)

Do you have a Christmas book library?  And I know there are so many other holidays at this time of year too-I would love to hear about more books to make our winter reading more festive so please share:)

Happy Weekend!

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