When you’d rather be in the mountains on a Monday

summit at snoqualmie pass
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How on earth is there SO MUCH SNOW just an hour’s drive away from Seattle?  It’s crazy what a difference a short drive to the mountains makes.

The snow at the Summit at Snoqualmie has just been dreamy and I’m actually starting to love to ski again.  I didn’t realize how much terrain there is on this mountain.  We tried the new Rampart chair and stopped in at the beautiful Silver Fir Lodge.  I also couldn’t believe how many people were snow shoeing and even ski biking (and apparently you can make ANY bike into a ski bike?  Is this true?)

silver fir lodge at snoqualmie summit

Riding on the chairlift is still a little rough for me-I get a little terrified of being stuck and being up so high, but it’s easy to forget where I am when I get caught up in these views.view from the chairlift at snoqualmie summit

I also keep gummies in my pocket.  I am in love with the Scandinavian Swimmers from Trader Joe’s-have you tried them?  They are so adorable but they are soft (and not too chewy) taste delicious and disappear quite quickly.

scandinavian swimmers from trader joes

I also bought a vegetarian French Onion Soup from Plats du Chef there and it made me look like a lunch winner the other day too.  It’s in the freezer section and I put it in the oven to cook while the kids finished ski lessons and it fit these ramekins perfectly-I almost pretended i home-made it but I couldn’t really hide the soup box wrapper here (And that bread?  It was a mix too!  The things you can faux make these days…..).  I need to find easy and hearty apres-ski meals and I really do love cabin life away from the noise and the bustle of the city.  I find I’m cooking and reading more and it makes me so much happier.

plats du chef vegetarian french onion soup

I’m also thinking of taking ski lessons too to keep up with the guys. I’ve forgotten so much over the years and it would be really helpful to learn some new things.

skiing with kids snoqualmie pass mountains

My favorite part of wintertime though is that it’s so neat to see so many of the places we hiked in the summer covered in a snowy blanket.  It feels like we face a new adventure every day.

The mountains really do call.  And they say: time to skip Monday!

(I wish we could! Hope yours is a great one!)


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