Grilled Salmon Special at Jack’s Fish Spot (52 weeks of eating in Pike Place Market, Seattle)

Eat Fish in Pike Place Market
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Pike Place Market in Seattle is famous for fish throwing, and I’ve bought fresh fish from the market before, but for some reason I’ve never eaten fish IN the market so I made it my mission this week to make my meal one from under the sea.  I have always noticed a big line at Jack’s Fish Spot where my guys love to watch the live crabs crawl around in big tanks.  Because I was lunching a little later this visit I knew I would have a chance of missing the big line and when I got there I even managed to score a seat at the counter.  (There are about 10 seats tucked in between the ordering counter and where you order your fresh fish to take home and it’s a really neat place to sit within the hustle and bustle of the market.) I thought I would get the traditional fish and chips but I noticed that there was a grilled salmon option for under 10 dollars that came with green beans and chips so I decided to try that instead.

Grilled Salmon special at Jack's Fish Spot in Pike Place Market

I was warned that this dish would take a little longer to prepare than other things on the menu but was definitely worth the wait.  So I wandered around the market while I waited for someone to call my name and tell me my order was ready.  I’m glad I ordered this grilled salmon because it was truly delicious. This fish was VERY fresh and I loved the way it was seasoned.  The green beans with my fries were a nice touch too.

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I hadn’t eaten in this section of the market before and while I ate I noticed that people coming through the market were scoping out the food I was eating.  Someone even smiled, pointed and got in line to order at the Jack’s counter.  Next time I visit, I’ll try the fish the regular fish and chip way too or I might try a cup of chowder that I saw someone next to me eating.  It’s crazy that it’s taken me so many years to finally sample the fish IN the market rather than just taking it home.  And on a lovely day in Seattle there really is no better place to eat.

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(PS. I’ve been trying a different Pike Place Market eatery every week and will continue to do so throughout 2016.  I usually post my restaurant of the week on Thursday.  You can find out here where I’ve been so far and if you have a favorite Pike Place market eatery or dish, I’d love to hear about it too.)


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  1. Sounds so delicious! I used to work at the Seattle’s Best Coffee in Post Alley; I definitely miss being able to explore the Market and try all the fun little spots. Maybe I should make the effort to get back down there one of these days. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

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