When you think you might make Seattle your home on a Monday

seattle skyline at Ella Bailey Park
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Before we had kids we didn’t really think about WHERE people with kids lived in Seattle and when we first moved with kids we were still new to parenting and didn’t think too much of the long-term. We were just desperately in need of space because the space we picked pre-kids was not suitable for two crawling babies and we needed to find something ASAP.  Thankfully in the past few years we’ve noticed way more kids in our neighborhood so it’s getting more kid-friendly and it always amazes me that there are MANY kid-friendly neighborhoods in Seattle.  So when Zillow contacted me and asked me if I wanted to know what they thought were three Family-Friendly Neighborhoods in Seattle I was curious about what neighborhoods Becca Grady, one of their content writers would send.

If you’re looking for places to live with a family in Seattle, hopefully this might help you out:

Three Family‐Friendly Neighborhoods in Seattle

By Becca Grady

Opting to live in city limits instead of the suburbs is a big decision, but cities can be a great place to raise children. Some benefits include exposure to culture and diversity, access to engaging activities and similar amenities found in suburbs. While there are a variety of upsides, it’s important to consider your family’s needs and find a neighborhood that suites them well.

Whether you are planning for a new home or apartment in Seattle, or just looking to explore the city with your family, consider these three family‐friendly neighborhoods for starters.

New kids playground in Seattle aerial view

1. Queen Anne

With tree‐lined streets, charming homes and sweeping views of the Seattle skyline, Queen Anne is a desired neighborhood for families looking to settle in Seattle. Located north of Downtown and the Space Needle, Queen Anne sits atop the second tallest hill in Seattle and is bordered by Lake Union and Elliot Avenue. Queen Anne offers a quiet and safe neighborhood with modern amenities, while still being in walking distance of popular family activities. The Seattle Center is just a short walk away and is home to a handful of activities and kid‐friendly attractions, including the Space Needle, Chihuly Garden and Glass, EMP Museum, Pottery Northwest and Seattle Children’s Theater.

This quaint and quiet neighborhood is filled with historic architecture and single‐family, craftsman‐ style homes. The median home value in North Queen Anne is $716,600, 35 percent higher than the median home value in all of Seattle, $530,100. Although Queen Anne is more expensive compared to Seattle overall, the neighborhood has access to top elementary schools: Coe Elementary and Hay Elementary.

farmers market in ballard will be a place you can visit if you make Seattle your home

2. Ballard

Another family‐friendly neighborhood to consider, just north of downtown, is Ballard. With Scandinavian roots and a modern maritime vibe, Ballard is a unique Seattle neighborhood, appealing to young parents and families. Ballard has a variety of family activities available to residents and visitors alike, from Golden Gardens to the Ballard Locks. Even the cluster of microbreweries in Ballard are family‐friendly, inviting parents to bring their kids while enjoying a cold brew. Ballard is a great option for parents looking for a modern, friendly and safe neighborhood.

When shopping for a home in cozy Ballard, you will find homes are more affordable compared to Queen Anne, with a median home value of $476,700. In addition to finding more affordable options, GreatSchools shows that there are many high‐ranking schools in the area, including Loyal Heights Elementary and Wittier Elementary.

biking at alki beach with kids

3. West Seattle

Removed from the bustle of the city and surrounded on three sides by water and vast beaches, West Seattle has an intimate community vibe and plenty to offer families. With small businesses, kid‐friendly restaurants, quaint bakeries and a myriad of local activities, West Seattle is a great location for kids and families. If adventuring outside with the kids is more your speed, West Seattleis home to Alki Beach and Lincoln Park. Both outdoor destinations offer gorgeous views and are ideal locations for a day at the beach or a picnic lunch.

When looking for a home in West Seattle, you are sure to find what you’re looking for, as options range from single‐family homes to condos and modern apartments. Home values in West Seattle vary depending on the area, but are continuing to rise due to the due to the available amenities and unparalleled community. The median home value in the Admiral District of West Seattle is $607,900, while the median home value in Gatewood, south of Admiral, is $513,600.

Finding the perfect family‐friendly neighborhood in a bustling city can be daunting, but Seattle has great options to explore. If you are looking to discover family‐friendly neighborhoods for weekend activities or planning for a potential move, start by checking out Queen Anne, Ballard and West Seattle.

(PS. I was not compensated for this post.  I have used Zillow, a local Seattle company in the past when we were house-hunting and I was curious about what neighborhoods they would consider family-friendly and I wanted to hear their reasons. I thought you might want to too if you think you might make Seattle your home)

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