A little bit of Paris in Pike Place Market (Crepe de France, Seattle, WA)

Crepe de France in Pike Place Market
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Every week that I’ve been adventuring through the Pike Place Market for my 52 weeks of eating at different market restaurants project, I don’t totally know where I’m going to eat until I walk into a restaurant.  I was going to visit the Sound View Cafe, but all the window spots looked like they were taken and I thought about eating biscuits but there was a little line.

Crepe de France in Pike Place Market

So then I rounded a corner and remembered that there is a crepe spot that I’ve never eaten at and suddenly crepes sounded like a perfect lunch.  Normally I am a fan of sweet crepes, ones bursting with strawberries and whip cream or those cone-shaped ones you can get in Tokyo full of ice cream and other goodies too.  But because it was lunch I decided to behave and there were lots of delicious lunch crepe options so it wasn’t too hard to find something savory to eat.  (Crepe de France has an online menu which is helpful when you are looking for places to eat with kids but no prices are posted.  When I went most of the crepes seemed to be around 11.95 for two crepes)

Crepe de France in Pike Place Market

I ordered the “crepe aux tomates” and sat at a little table by the window.  There are so many neat windows in Pike Place Market and lunch tastes so lovely when you have time to sit and peer out at the world.  Here I had a view of some old brick building tops that I’ve never looked at too closely before.  It made my lunch feel peaceful and I was pleased that it came quickly and my crepes were tasty and hot when they arrived.  I felt very Parisian taking time to eat a nice lunch in a quiet cafe.  I wish I had room for dessert crepes today.

So of course, I’ll have to come back.  (There are so many places I want to come back to from all this ‘research’ I am doing. We are lucky to have so many delicious eateries in Seattle.)

(PS. As in most Seattle cafes, I appreciated the fact there were different waste containers to put my recyclables, compostables and dishes to bus.  We travel a lot and few places in the world have this type of attention to the environment and I’m thankful for the effort in Seattle.)

(PPS. my kids were not with me, but this is a place I could have taken them in Pike Place Market and because it’s in a tucked away corner of the market it might be an easier place to eat if you have a stroller in tow too!)


4 thoughts on “A little bit of Paris in Pike Place Market (Crepe de France, Seattle, WA)

    1. Polly, I would love to hear where you like to lunch! So many amazing places to eat in the market:) I didn’t realize how many there were before I started this project!

  1. This is my favorite place to eat at Pike Place – the Nutella & Strawberry dessert crepe is amazing. It’s the most pricey, but so worth it! 🙂

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