San Diego trip planning in Seattle because of Legoland

California Legoland with 7-year old boys
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When I think of San Diego, I think of sunshine, beaches and yummy food, but my kids immediately think of Legoland.  We’re heading to San Diego in a few weeks, and I thought the duo already had their Legoland fix when they went in October. But they are convinced that I need to see it too and so now they want to go again with ME.

Legoland California with kids

As luck for them would have it, a team from Legoland California is coming to Seattle this weekend with fun Lego building challenges inspired by the new Ninjago ride that will be in Legoland California this May and this put a little buzz in my ear that maybe we should include Legoland in our trip itinerary this time too.  My guys were excited when I told them there would be building challenges this weekend at the Science Center and they want to team up with me to test our Lego skills at the Pacific Science Center and again I’m thankful for our membership.  My boys love Lego a ton and it is pretty cool when we can build something together.

California Legoland with 7-year olds

So now I’m looking at my trip plans thinking that maybe we should move one of our trip nights to the hotel in Legoland so we can maximize our time in the park.  A friend recently told me about the bunk bed rooms that adjoin grown up rooms there and they sound pretty awesome and we’ve never really stayed at a theme park resort.  I heard this hotel also gets us into the park an hour early too, so that is something that is totally priceless!!  So, I’m spending the next 24 hours brushing up on my Ninjago and Lego skills to get ready for the weekend and potentially rearranging part of our San Diego trip to include Legoland. If you’re in Seattle this weekend, and you have a Lego lover in your life, you most definitely want to head to the Pacific Science Center and check out this event!  And if you’ve been to Legoland I’d love to hear your tips!
Happy Weekend!

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  1. There are some huge advantages when you stay at the hotels run by a theme park; I just stayed at Coronado Springs at Disney World and found it really nice to be able to go to the head of the wait lines.

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