Getting my Christmas pj’s a little early this year (Seattle Premium Outlets)

Hanna Andersson Christmas pjs
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Every year I buy the kids Hanna Andersson pjs to wear for Christmas.  They are the perfect pj’s.  We’ve had elf pjs, Santa pjs, and Fair Isle-style Star Wars pjs and I usually buy the hats that match them too. These pjs are cute and comfortable and end up getting worn for the rest of the year and sometimes even well into the next year.  So when I was contacted about the Hanna Andersson Outlet grand opening at the Seattle Premium Outlets in Tulalip I was excited to share the news with you!

christmas with great grandpa
I have a feeling it’s going to be a little busy but the store opens tomorrow (Friday, June 3rd) at 10am and there will be treats and deals for people who come so that always makes a store opening exciting.  The first 500 customers will receive a free pair of long johns on Friday and on Saturday and Sunday the first 100 customers each day will receive a free $20 gift card!  I remember the first time I went to Black Friday in Seattle and received gift cards and gifts when stores opened and I thought shopping in the USA was magical so I always like it when a store opens and has great giveaways.  It keeps that magic alive, right?

I’m most excited that the pjs will be BUY ONE GET ONE FREE on all baby, boy and girl sleepwear.  I know it’s a little early for Christmas shopping BUT I now have a bunch of nephews and a niece to buy for along with my kids so this is a deal I’m really looking forward to.  I’m also excited to see what else they have BESIDES pj’s in the store and I haven’t been to these outlets in forever and everyone who visits us from Canada always stops at the Premium Outlets and talks about what they buy.  I’m glad Hanna Andersson is opening up an outlet because kids clothes are spendy but I like to buy good quality things. If you’re in Seattle do you ever stop at the outlets on the way to or from Canada?  I’d love to hear what you think if you pop into Hanna Andersson Outlet this weekend too-especially if you get the gift card or free long johns!

(PS. I was contacted about this event and received a gift card that I’ll likely be using to buy pjs but as always the opinions above are my own and the pictures of the pjs are from ones we’ve had from Hanna Andersson for the past 2 or 3 years…..)

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  1. This is great! I live near there – so will definitely stop by! Thanks for sharing!

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