Unofficial Bread Street in Seattle (Aka Stone Way)

Bread Street (AKA Stone Way) in Seattle
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Work with me here-do you know the street in Seattle with the big, beautiful Brooks Running store on the corner and Evo sports and the delicious Whale Wins restaurant with the gorgeous mural on the side of the building? This street is named “Stone Way” if you look for it in Google Maps but I call it “Bread Street” and there is all the more reason to visit now that I’ve found a few new-to-me places that make some really delicious bread.

Sea Wolf Bakers in Seattle makes amazing bread and pastries


The first reason you want to go is a place called Sea Wolf Bakers.  If the aroma of bread baking, rising, and resting in a bowl makes you swoon and imagining a place with bread tucked away into every corner of its existence is pure heaven then we are soul mates and you will find this bread place perfect too.  Check the opening times on the site so you don’t die of disappoint if you happen to come on a day it is closed.

Grilled bread from Thackeray on Stone Way

The hubby and I walked into Thackery because I saw that Oh Snaps went there for breakfast and I was curious and we were in the neighborhood.  We ordered a bunch of different share plates for lunch and a plate of bread.  This grilled bread had tasty za’atar spices and the perfect amount of oil and grillness.  I know I ate many delicious things at this meal but I am definitely craving that bread again so we will probably find ourselves walking into that restaurant again soon.  (There is a swing table in the front of this restaurant.  I wish we had more restaruants in Seattle with swings! What a fabulous idea!)

family friendly eating at eltana bagel

And maybe you don’t count this as true bread but I do.  Eltana bagels are my favorite in Seattle and they are the closest bagels I can find in Seattle to the Montreal-style bagels I remember eating growing up in  Vancouver from Siegels or Sollys.  They are chewy and the right amount of density and I love the salted bagels smothered in honey almond cream cheese.  I’ve had these bagels delivered from Amazon and picked them up at Seattle Center, but I do love the ones I get on Bread Street Stone Way or in Capitol Hill the best because that is where the ovens are and I like my bagels hot and fresh.

Tutta Bella pizza with the family

And Tutta Bella again is a different type of bread but this type of bread is a staple in any house with kids.  We have been going to Tutta Bella now for over a decade.  This restaurant saw us pre-kids and with babies in tow and now with ‘big boys’ who can scarf multiple pizzas on their own.  I hope we’ll go here as old people.  We love the charred, chewy, thin but more bread-like than cracker-like thin crust that makes this pizza craveable.

favorite places to eat out with kids in seattle

Can you imagine doing ALL these breads in one day??!!  Totally one of my goals. I think this is one of my favorite food streets in Seattle and if any more bread places pop up, let’s drop the “street” and call it Bread Party.

(PS. Thank goodness Brooks sells running shoes…..)


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