Advent Calendar shopping on a Monday

Obasan by Joy Kogawa
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It is such a blasé Monday because I just came back from my 20th reunion in my hometown with family and friends and Monday is hitting me so hard.  When this happens I try to add a little excitement to my life to make me feel better, so today it’s all about advent calendars for me because I love celebrating all things glitter, trees and snow and I’d rather think about these things today than wallow.

My guys already know what they want for their countdown.  It’s the Lego Star Wars Advent calendar and my friends at Thrifty Northwest Mom usually post about good deals on this one so I’m waiting for them to tell me when to buy. I know it’s not even Halloween yet, but because I’m already online buying treats and costumes I might as well multi-task.

I know I want a make up advent calendar for me (the kids should not get all the fun) and I’m debating one I’ve found at ASOS and one from Selfridges and they both look amazing! I also really would love the Charlotte Tilbury Naughty and Nice Calendar but it’s only 12 days so it’s not the full countdown so then maybe I’d need to by this one from Ciate or this one from Lush for the other 12 days and then I’d have TWO fun calendars to look forward to. I love the way this advent calendar from Bare Minerals is packaged and I do adore their products too.

And this one isn’t makeup but it’s too cute not to snap up.  It’s by Meri Meri (I love their stationery!) and it’s adorable!  This one at Bergdorf Goodman is chocolate (fancy chocolate!) and it has beautiful packaging so it makes me really curious too! I also saw this calendar that is all about hand soap and bath bombs. This tea advent calendar at Nordstrom is also very beautiful and it might be nice to try a new tea every day.

If money were no object I would by this luxurious Diptique one just to see what is in it but it’s really spendy.  Has anyone ever bought this advent calendar?

How do you escape from reality when Monday hits you like a truck?  Do you shop? Do you exercise? I’d love to hear!  And if you’re into fun advent calendars like me, I’d love to know too!  I’ll let you know what I buy on Instagram when it arrives in the mail!

(PS. As for now, I’m going to cuddle up with the book in my featured image.  It’s Obasan by a Canadian author Joy Kogawa and my grandpa gave it to me this weekend.  I’m going to make up a cup of tea and snuggle into my blanket and read myself away for a little while…)

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