Wiki Wiki Bus and our Sweet Rides.

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We just got back from a much-needed trip to Oahu, and all the boys can talk about is the bus we took from our car to the airport and back.  Alaska Air has a fantastic seat-sale out of Bellingham and since it was a direct and overnight flight we thought it would be the best way to keep the guys on schedule.  Since we’ve never flown from Bellingham we had no idea what to do with our car-my hubby found a great company called the Wiki Wiki Park N Shuttle.  They are relatively new and the sweet owners Velma and Ernie made us feel so comfortable.  The guys were thrilled with the little leis they got on the way to the airport and the little juice cups with umbrellas that Velma made for them.

But the thing that made them the most thrilled?  This bus had seatbelts!  Next time, we won’t need to go all the way to Hawaii.  We just need to go on this bus.  Oh and for the to-go coffees for our drive back to Seattle after a long flight-I can’t thank them enough!

Another thing that kept the guys occupied at the airport were their trunkis.  I was a little skeptical about how these things would work, but we packed them with their huggies, their blankets and a couple airplane toys (cars, playdough, coloring books and stickers) and the boys felt so grown up parading their suitcases around the airport.

When we got to our seats they rolled around for a little while which was nice because the Bellingham airport is a little small and cramped, and we didn’t want them to get too stir-crazy on the airplane.  It was such a bonus to have extra storage, and a ride-em toy to boot.

Once we got in the air, two crazy things happened on our flight: 1) Alaska raffled away 25000 points to one person on the plane.  The seat behind us won.  2) We hit such bad turbulence coming into Honolulu that a lot of people screamed.

Surprisingly, I did not.

Lots more stories to tell, shortly.  Wish I could have brought some of that sunshine back.

4 thoughts on “Wiki Wiki Bus and our Sweet Rides.

  1. I didn’t think you’d go on the Wiki Wiki shuttle bus on the other side in Oahu.

    You’re so lucky-we love Hawaii. It’s the only thing that gets me through busy season.

  2. Hey! I love those trunkis. Do they have adult size ones for seniors? I must look into that.

    I was leary going out of Bellingham, but it really was quite pleasant. The walk along the tarmack was a bit of a treat after the red-eye. It really wakes you up with the 30 degree (F) difference.

    Glad you enjoyed Oahu. Lots to see, I bet. Give us more pictures and stories.

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