Penguins at Woodland Park Zoo

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This morning there was a short break in the rain that looked like this:

So we put on our gumboots and headed to our zoo

where the guys have decided that the Hornbill gets their vote in the Quarters for Conservation program.

We had an emergency bathroom run by the elephants, and then were met with another downpour.  But the guys still wanted to visit the toucan and the poison dart frogs, so we ducked into a nook in the penguin area to stay dry for a minute.  The penguins were so animated we stayed there for a while and it was neat to see how rain might look from their perspective: if rain looked this glittery to me, I’d want to party too.

The boys took turns leaning back in the bubbles.

And had a blast making new friends.

This last pic was worth the 2-alarm tantrum it took to get both drenched boys back into our silver bus.

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