Elephants, Jaguars and Little Giraffes (OH MY!)

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The other day the boys and I got to do something I’ve been DYING to do at the Woodland Park Zoo for at ages.  We finally fed Bamboo the elephant!  (And you’ll never guess what she eats…..bamboo!!)

When there were elephants at Woodland Park Zoo



This feeding happens during what used to be the guys’ nap time so this is the first year this is actually a feasible activity.  In the past we’ve had a lot of fun feeding the penguins and the giraffes.

I heard a lot of people passing by our lineup (we waited around 15-20 minutes) exclaim that it is pricey because each person in the viewing area needs to pay $5 unless you are under 2.  (I took my guys to feed giraffes when they were under 2 for the very reason that the 3 of us could feed for a mere $5.)

So for $15 for the three of us, I didn’t think it was that horrible.  (Santa pictures for example are WAY more expensive.) and we cut down costs when we go to the zoo by purchasing a membership we can use often, finding street parking when we can, and by packing our own picnic lunch and drinks.

The boys were really intrigued by the replica elephant skeleton.


And the feeding was magical.

Woodland Park Zoo with kids

I was really thankful that a zoo staff member even took a picture of the three of us on my camera.

We learned a lot from the elephants at Woodland Park Zoo

We also snuck a peek at the baby jaguar triplets.  They were trying to sleep when we passed through and the jaguar mommy looked a little exhausted.  (That could just be me projecting how I think she must have felt.)


But I was also a little exhausted because our zoo day was also the first day of Nordstrom Early Access to their Anniversary Sale.  This is truly a fantastic sale because unlike so many other sales, these things go back to regular price when the sale is over and I really think Nordstroms needs to call it a treasure hunt instead.

I’m super excited about some Dr. Martens boots I ordered that retro me back to maybe 8th grade.

And I’ve been coveting my guys’ Little Giraffe blanket since they were babies, so I finally bought myself a grown-up version.

Oh and this may or may not turn out to be a staple purchase for the fall.  I love the look of a chic knit blazer and this one has an excellent price!

But this jacket is the one I’m coveting right now.

We’ll just have to see what else I ordered when it arrives.  I do a combination of online and in-store shopping so it’s harder to see how much I bought in total at the sale and I’m gearing up for my in-store shop.  I know the hubby is very intrigued about my purchases at this time of year (he saw how well-worn the catalog was!) so I like to keep things adventurous.  For his sake of course.

Has anyone else been to the Nordstrom sale yet?  And have you found anything fabulous?

(PS. An update: Woodland Park Zoo no longer has elephants and we are thankful for the time we spent with them in Seattle-my boys learned a lot from these beautiful, gentle, majestic animals.)

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