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When I first heard about Postcardly I wasn’t sure how I was going to use it: the grandparents, aunts and uncles all live in Canada and it doesn’t work for international addresses( yet).  BUT, I suddenly realized how fantastic it would be for sending to our local friends and I’ve been having fun sending playdate recaps that show up in friend’s mailboxes (now wouldn’t you love that instead of all those yucky Christmas bills!).

We had a lovely New Year’s get together (celebrated New York time of course).  And click!  This picture became a postcard:

We went to Japanese New Year’s at a friend’s house and this pic of some of the delicious food we ate became a thank you:

The friend who got this card asked me how I have the time to do this.  (Um. Yeah.  I just emailed a pic with a short blurb and the magical people at Postcardly turned it into a card for me.  It was practically like sending a text.)

I’m thinking this would be a great thank you to send to our favorite local farmer, Farmer Jayne!

But the real beauty of this program came when I thought maybe I could send some pics (off my camera phone) from our outings to the boys so they could get some mail.  They got them today and were in LOVE.

“That’s me!” said Leelee








And the Bean was thrilled his had a real stamp. And even with phone pictures, these turned out really well.



So yes, I got 10 free cards to try out this fantastic Seattle company (Thank you Postcardly, btw) but I will definitely be signing up as a real paying member.  Please please, please add international delivery and just think of how many postcards I’ll send then…..(hubby I hope you didn’t read this one $$$)

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  1. I hope your Great Auntie P would be the first international recipient. She is your #1 ECK.com fan. You have given me much reading and viewing pleasure.

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