Sounders Style

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I didn’t mean to create soccer fan monsters when I signed us up for soccer tickets-I thought it was my duty as a mom of boys to get us a little more involved in Seattle sports culture.  But we are now a full-blown Seattle Sounders fan-mily.  Seriously.  I don’t know if they could get any more decked out.

They love the march from the parking lot.

And we can’t miss any of the flag time.  Or the blazing buckets full of fire.

They still rock their headgear because it’s loud and the fireworks scare us a little.  (You can get these fabulous ear protectors at Childish Things.  We get asked at least 5 times a game.  You’re welcome, Childish Things.)

Sometimes we practice our model faces at halftime.

But we always pause to watch the trains that zoom by Link Field.

And as for mommy, I spend most of the game huddled in my puffy parka (black, no team colors for me), sip my over-priced hot chocolate and watch fit men run around a field in funny colored outfits and pretend I hate the game.  It’s a tough life, I know.  (Go Sounders!  We’re looking forward to a great season!)

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