Harbour Green Park (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

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I love the Coal Harbour area of Vancouver, and on a recent trip, I bookmarked what I imagine would be THE BEST SPRAYPARK ever.  It’s in the heart of the city, along a scenic seawall, and it has a yummy-looking restaurant nearby.  What more could you want?  I would love love love to go back to Harbour Green Park on a gorgeous sunny day.  The day we went it was too cool for water so we parked near Cardero‘s (another restaurant we love-there are so many fabulous restaurants in Vancouver!) and biked/scooted our way along the seawall.  We often bring our kids trikes/scooters and helmets with us when we travel because it lets them get their energy out and we get to sight see along the way too.  Vancouver is such an amazing place to bike and I imagine we’ll bike here often when they get older too!

The boys played around the area on their bikes, while we enjoyed the water view and imagined what it would be like to eat at Mill Marine Bistro in the summer.  This is definitely a lovely place to visit and because the hubby and I both grew up in Vancouver we often wonder what our life would be like if we were still living here too.

Harbour Green Park in Vancouver BC

On sunny hot days in Seattle, I do wish we had more places like this to enjoy in the city.  (We do love the one at South Lake Union but it has a ton of geese poo.  Canada geese poo.  Which we saw none of at the Harbor Green Park…….hmmmm? )

(PS. can you guess which sports team we cheer for?)


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