Garden City Park (Steveston, BC)

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On a sunny day if we’re up in Steveston (or Storybrooke as you might know it on tv from Once upon a Time) it’s nice to stop in at the Market at Papi’s for cheese, meats, focaccia and their key-lime cheesecake and head out to a nearby park for a picnic.

Our last visit took us to Garden City Park and it is such a fabulous park for kids. One push of a button starts the water to a long mini-river that heads through locks and under bridges.

We picked up boats at Splash that sailed perfectly down stream and through the locks.  (As long as we only put one at a time.) Make sure you bring boats that can float or you can make your own “rafts” with twigs and leaves.

After lunch the boys couldn’t wait to try the big slide and the fort.  I cringed a little at the fort height but the boys thought it was amazing and the ground cover that looks so artsy-red, is actually bouncy trampoline-like material.  (I heart playgrounds that think of safety!)










After a whole morning there, the boys were exhausted.  We piled in the car and within minutes there was snoring.  (And we didn’t even see the whole park!  But, I know these guys definitely want to come back.)

PS if you were looking for Storybrooke pics, the only one I caught this visit was this one, but you never know what or who you’ll see here-it’s like a giant, evolving movie set:

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