Just close your eyes and jump; zip-lining with kids in Costa Rica

how to travel safely in costa rica with young kids
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I told the hubby when we booked our trip to Costa Rica, that we wouldn’t go zip-lining with the kids.  I even remember saying, “Whatever we do, we are NOT going zip-lining!!!”  I was worried that it would be dangerous, that they were too young; that I would get stuck somewhere on a line in the middle of a Costa Rica jungle.

And then we went zip-lining.  Me. Him. Them.  All of us. (That smile? It’s just because it’s for the camera.  Really, I’m swearing at the guy taking the photo.)

Zip-lining with kids in Costa Rica

The guys even went on a couple zips alone.

And they did the Tarzan swing.  Twice.  (I nearly threw up.  Sorry, but it’s true. When I figure out how to show video, you’ll see why.)  Yes, this was a place with little zip-lines that even 3-year olds (3-year olds!!!) can handle.  And ultimately I felt like we were in good hands.  But really?  Zip-lining?  And that was their favorite part of the whole trip. (I still hate the idea of it.  Never again. Well, maybe never again.)

5 thoughts on “Just close your eyes and jump; zip-lining with kids in Costa Rica

  1. That.is.AWESOME!!!! I love zip-lining! I’m sure you must have been terrified the whole time but it sure looks like the boys loved it!!! Way to go brave momma!

  2. I was meaning to comment on this but now found time 🙂 The boys look like they had so much fun. What a great adventure! We did our first zip line this year too and we all loved it. My daughter did some upside down which made me very nervous. Your Costa Rica posts have made me want to push for this trip even more with the hubby.

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