Yucky Things you Find in Hotel Rooms

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Traveling with kids we’ve stayed in nicer places than we did before we had kids: no more hostels or little dives that we drive up to in the middle of the night thinking we just need a place to sleep. We try to stay as safe, clean and easy as possible when we go away from home. So it’s pretty surprising the things we’ve found. When the guys were really little one of them found a pill on the floor of a hotel and thankfully gave it to us before he thought to put it in his mouth. And on a recent trip, they found this makeup case hiding behind the curtains: it was so big, I wondered how long it had been hiding there?

And in the same room I found this sloshy mess in a cupboard.  YUCK!  I’m hoping it was a coffee spill.

Thank goodness this isn’t the norm.

This experience reminded me that in any hotel I stay in, I should make sure I now check behind the curtains, and in the cupboards and give my room a once-over before I settle in.

Do you check your room when you arrive with kids?  Do you have any tips for keeping little kids safe in hotel rooms?

4 thoughts on “Yucky Things you Find in Hotel Rooms

  1. Ummm…yuck. I am known in my family for having verrrry relaxed standards when it comes to yucky things, but hotels (and the yucky stuff they can hide) just ick me. I cannot sleep under one of those dreadful patterned comforters that you can’t really tell if it is clean or not. I love the new white duvets nicer hotels are using.

  2. We’ve stayed in our share of icky hotel rooms. For the number of rooms we’ve stayed in, I guess they haven’t been so bad. Once, when traveling with a friend, we walked in to a room that was so disgusting I wouldn’t even put my suitcase down. We hightailed it out of there. I can’t even begin to tell you how filthy it was. It looked like it had not been cleaned in months. When I got back to the front desk, the attendant was busy w/ another customer, he saw my face and slid my refund across the counter. Not a word was spoken.

  3. Before I had kids, I could totally let that stuff go. I just would repeat to myself, “It is cleaner than the bathrooms in Kansas” and pretend I was camping. Now, I want things downright antiseptic!

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