Pumpkin Bash: Woodland Park Zoo

Pumpkin Bash at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle with kids
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You’d look like this too if you were a pumpkin in a jaguar enclosure.  We love the Pumpkin Bash event at the Woodland Park Zoo every year and we stopped by last rainy weekend to see what’s in store this year. The guys loved the jack-o-lanterns everywhere.


Pumpkin Bash at Woodland Park ZooPumpkin Bash at Woodland Park Zoo

And we caught a couple animals enjoying their treats. ( In zoo terms I think this is called animal enrichment which helps our animal friends’ brains.)

Pumpkin Bash at Woodland Park Zoo

There was a break in the rain and I caught some lovely autumn-y pictures in the African Village and at the Family Farm.

And though we didn’t wear our costumes this time, we saw many little trick-or-treaters heading to Zoomazium for treats, and we might just have to head back this weekend, because our day was just so fun! (October 27th and 28th!)

(PS if you’re a zoo fan and you don’t have a membership they are offering Rainy Day discounts on some rainy days so you might want to check this page out before you go.
PPS we’ve had some of our best days at the zoo on rainy winter days.  It’s empty, there are plenty of warm places and it’s a fun way to ‘hike’ in the jungles without getting too wet.)

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