Two simple star crafts you could probably make in the next 5 minutes

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  • December 3, 2012
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No grownup has any excuse for lousy snowflakes anymore.  And forget just regular snowflakes.  You can make star ones and they’re super easy.

Simple paper star craft

I just printed this out, folded and cut along the lines (okay, the cutting was a little difficult and some stars got sacrificed) and voila: instant epic snowflake!


And unless you’re going to get this tree at Ikea where you just need to stick it up and stick stickers all over it, you might also love this lovely recipe for homemade ornaments.


I think I saw it pinned by Lindsey at Impatiently Crafty (Totally thanks Lindsey!  This was a pinterest win!) and was curious because it only needed baking soda and cornstarch (two things I had on hand) so this was an impromptu craft and I love how it turned out!

Simple star craft

I was a little skeptical when the mixture bubbled weirdly in the pan, but it thickened like the recipe said it would and the boys and I were able to roll it, cut out shapes and put them in the oven.

Simple star craft ornament with kidsSimple star craft ornament with kids

We had an errand to run and I turned off the oven and left them in there, and then forgot about them when we got back and preheated the oven for pizza.  So, even after a little bit of scorching, they were still okay.  So this is pretty much fool-proof.  We painted them with gold and sparkly acrylic paint and I love how beautiful they’ll be on my tree.

And one more random star-fact?  If you cut apples in the middle, you find stars inside.  Don’t you just learn something new everyday?

Apple with a star inside


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