What to do with all that leftover wrapping

customized wrapping paper from Zazzle
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Every year we buy a giant roll of wrapping paper from Costco for Christmas and every year we add another roll to the closet because we have so much leftover.  This year, I decided we’d make Christmas crackers (like the ones you fill with treats and pop) and if you live in Seattle, you still might have time to buy some supplies.   I ordered my cracker supplies from Olde English Crackers online and they ship from Bellingham so I got them within two days!  There are many different ways to make them, but I just looked at Not Martha’s post on party crackers this one from SquawkFox and this one from Our Big Earth and kind of went from there.

I made a template with a piece of gridded wrapping paper so I could just cut out a whole bunch of wrappers at the same time.  And I just used tape.  I think a glue gun would work a bit better, but I always burn my fingers.  I’m going to try glue dots with the guys.


For fillings I used little treats I bought at Oriental Trading and Archie McPhee.  I also threw in some kisses and a paper hat.  Some people make these silly hats, but I just bought them at the Olde English Cracker site.

I always love how my family reads out the silly jokes and facts at Christmas, so I found a couple sites that have jokes and this one even boasts of having the 10 worst ever.  I printed them out and cut them out.


(PS. I think it works best if you put the jokes and hat in before you put the toys and other treats.)



It’s super cute and pretty simple.  Later, if I have time, I’ll add some embellishments like stickers or place card labels and I’ll let you know if they actually pop!  And if you come across some great Christmas Cracker jokes please send them my way.  I think we’re going to make this an annual tradition!

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