Better than those quarter rides, an adventure at Crossroads mall

bellevue with kids
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Quarter rides are great, especially if you go to a place like Crossroads Mall in Bellevue (yes, it’s the same mall where you’ll find the famous Wiggleworks and if you haven’t been to that mall in a while, it’s definitely worth re-visiting) where they’re interspersed through the mall so you can shop, do a ride, and shop some


And yes, this can be oh so very helpful when you’re running errands and you just need to maximize play time and errand time.  But there is another type of quarter machine that can be equally effective as a fun diversion that I never ever thought about.

Who wants to use the car vacuum? Baby Daddy asked on a recent trip when we passed by a car wash and he realized he couldn’t stand looking at the ground-up goldfish bits smooshed into the back seat any longer.

“MEEEEEEE!!!” the duo squealed.  In times like these I swear my hubby is brilliant because I didn’t know a vacuum could give anyone so much joy.  I definitely do not cheer about vacuums.  I’m probably the one who just squishes the cookie crumbs farther into the seats so they just disappear.


As promised, each boy got a turn with the vacuum and they totally patiently waited for their turn.  They got to put the quarters in the machine.  They were allowed to choose their dirt territory.  Each boy went through the van meticulously and carefully.  Then baby daddy gave everything a once over.


For $3 total, our van was cleaned, we had an outing and everyone was delighted.  It might as well have been Disneyland.  (But the hubby is not a fan of Disneyland.  So for two of us it was Disneyland.  For one of us it was the equivalent of a field-trip to Dyson headquarters.  And for one of us it was time well-spent with her Us Weekly magazine.)  You might want to give this one a try.

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