Home Sweet Home (60th birthday party in Steveston BC)

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Technically this is a travel post. My parents turned 60 a little while ago and my sis and I decided to throw a fun 60th birthday party to celebrate.  We threw the party at my sister’s home in Steveston British Columbia, Canada.  If you’ve never been to Steveston it’s not far from Vancouver and it’s super kid-friendly too.

Happy 60th birthday party ideas
We based the theme of the party on the lettering used in the invites my sister ordered.  The colors were chalkboard, white and gold.
I got a little too obsessed with the gold part.  Like the giant gold piñata 6 and 0 I decided we needed to have.  I’m surprised it fit in the van and made the 3 hour drive.  This one was a little over the top but I’ll tell you more about it later.

60th birthday pinata
We used gold ribbons behind pictures my sister snapped on her phone when she raided my parents’ house and rummaged through their old albums.  I was surprised at how amazing the quality was-she made them all black and white and had them printed and we used painter’s tape to stick them up. We also asked guests to bring pictures or anecdotes that we could display as well.  One guest (thanks J!) brought a picture from my dad’s first communion with all the boys numbered.  We all had to guess which boy my dad was.  (I love that she also brought a magnifying glass and I definitely picked my dad out of the crowd.)

Photo wall for 60th birthday party
I loved the fun banner and signs from Minted’s new party packages. (Thank you Minted).

60th birthday party banner

60th birthday party treatsphoto(637)
And we used their mini notecards to write thank you’s with my sister’s cookies.  She’s really talented and has her own cookie company.  I’m so lucky we have such an amazing baker in our family.

60th birthday party cookies60th birthday party cookies
My sister also arranged some gorgeous flower bouquets.  We used blumeboxes (they’re amazing recyclable vases!) to hold the flowers and there’s one in the middle of the food table and we used them along the fireplace mantel as well.  (PS the sushi is from Takeya sushi, which is awesome if you’re ever in Richmond!)

And that cake? We made it too.  We are good at buying things but wanted to make this party with as many homemade touches as possible.  It was so much fun hanging out at my sister’s home and making a party with her.

We are so thankful for our parents.

My gorgeous mom.

And the man who swept her off her feet.  (that’s me there too!)

Who still does today.


No wonder my sis and I are hopeless romantics.

(This is my photo Friday post, because even though we like to travel a lot, there is no place like home and being with family.  Please check out some other fantastic travel photos at Deliciousbaby-I’m dying to visit the Great Court at the British Museum now that I’ve seen Debbie’s picture!

PPS thanks Minted for the great “Unique Party Pack.”  The content and opinions expressed here are my own. )

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