Lovely books to read before you go to the aquarium

great membership deal at seattle aquarium with kids
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Oh how much do I love this new book that recently arrived in the mail?

Sea Star wishes, poems from the coast: a great book for kids who love the aquarium

Sea Star Wishes: Poems from the Coast has the most delightful poems.  They are short and sweet about little things in the ocean like limpets and sea cucumbers and ginormous things like ferries and waves.  The neat thing about it though is that my little guys can understand the big poetic ideas in the verses and I’m glad I can talk to them about similes and metaphors and sea life.  The pictures are gorgeous and the poems are whimsical and it’s a great book to read before going to the Seattle Aquarium . I also can’t help but love that it’s by a sweet-sounding northwest guy named Eric Ode.

I also love this book that we picked up at the library:

Books to read before visiting the aquarium with kids

(The hubby and I are trying our best to be a little bit more environmental in our living and I’m trying to visit the library at least once a week so I don’t buy so much stuff.  I love how you can put books on hold online and I noticed you can also get free passes to local museums here.)  This is not my hat is very good for explaining the concept of taking something that does not belong to you.  (The lesson is a little harsh so you might want to pre-read.)  I love the pictures and the simple but straight-forward story idea and if you put it on hold at the library, when I’m finished you can read it too!

And this book I do have on my buy next time we’re in a store wishlist because it’s a lift-a-flap book and these ones are hard to borrow.

Books to read before visiting the aquarium

The boys have the Things that Go  book by the same company and it keeps them occupied for hours so I’m really excited about the Animals Under the Sea one to read before our next aquarium visit.

I’ve also heard that having kids read to dogs helps encourage reading.  We recently borrowed my dog sister for a week while my parents were on vacation and the guys enjoyed reading her stories.

Kids reading to dogs and books to read before visiting the aquarium

Thank goodness she seemed to enjoy it too!  Do you have any favorite books to read with your kids before visiting the aquarium?

(PS. I received a copy of Sea Star Wishes to review but was not required to post and of course these views and ideas are my own.)

(AN UPDATE:  you might also want to add Eric Carle’s Mister Seahorse, a book we’ve read since posting.)

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