Baby Animals Boom (Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, WA)

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Oh my favorite happy place in Seattle is even happier right now.  There are baby animals everywhere and it makes me feel like I’m on a delightful safari some where far away even though I’m in my own backyard.  We love visiting all year round but when there are baby animals at the zoo it feels like we’re on a whole new adventure.

On our last visit we saw sweet baby penguins (they are easy to spot because they are usually a light grey color)

Woodland park zoo with kids and penguins

Baby flamingos (they’re also the grey ones)

Baby flamingos at woodland park zoo

and puddles of baby lions.  (they’re quadruplets!)  As a twin mom I can’t imagine running after four little ones!


Baby animals at woodland park zoo visiting the lionsBaby animals at Woodland Park zoo: visiting the lions

Pretty soon we’ll get to see the baby jaguars and rumor has it one of the giraffes is expecting soon too!  (Can you believe giraffe pregnancies last about 15 months?  15!!!!)

PPS. if you are throwing a safari/zoo/jungle themed party, I found the sweetest free party animal hat printables at Caravan Printables where I’m totally in love with their animal artwork!)

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