Ugh running and a tooth fairy visit

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People always say exercise is good for you but they should also add a disclaimer to say it really hurts too.  And sometimes I wonder which is worse, a life with too much exercise or a life with not enough. (Although, I find it best to ponder such an idea while lying prone in the sunshine and holding a fruity drink.)  Lately, I’ve been doing too much running instead of doing much pondering because if I don’t there is no way I’ll be able to finish the half-marathon I signed up for without totally injuring myself.


I thought that buying new shoes would help my motivation.  And they do.  (I went to Super Jock n Jill and they are so patient and knowledgeable. They help you find a shoe that’s perfect for your feet and running style and you aren’t supposed to think about what the shoe looks like but I had two people tell me ‘cute shoes’ while I tried them out behind the store so I can’t say that didn’t help me be a little biased.  I LOVE my new shoes!!!)
I also got a water bottle/cell phone holder at REI.


I still need to buy a bungee for my phone because I’m so afraid of it dropping and breaking in the middle of my big run.  And that would be disastrous!
I ran with my new purchases the other day  (I just noticed my running pack is now on SALE!!!) and I’ve never really needed to drink water while running before but knowing that I was carrying water made me totally parched and within the first couple miles, my body decided I had a water emergency.  Suddenly my hands were too sweaty to open the valve which is designed not to leak.  I tried and tried to pull it but I didn’t want to stop running for fear I’d never be able to start running again.  What do you do when you need water NOW?

I thought like a mother and bit it with my teeth and almost lost a couple in the process.  Now how crazy (painful, expensive, humiliatiing!!!!) would that be-getting injured not running but trying to drink water.  Boo for running!
And I wouldn’t be the only member of the family losing teeth.


When you are 4 almost 5 it is cute to have wiggly teeth.  And you even might get something special from the tooth fairy.  (Would I get anything if I lost teeth?)  I think we have a visit in our neighborhood VERY soon.

6 thoughts on “Ugh running and a tooth fairy visit

  1. REI does price adjustments for 14 days after purchase. You don’t even need to go in–you can call the store.

  2. Your description of the “water bottle incident” painted an awesome picture in my head. “I tried and tried to pull it but I didn’t want to stop running for fear I’d never be able to start running again.”—Yup, been there.

    Your running partner in crime

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