The drop-off party era

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As much as we love hanging out with our kids, the hubby and I love to hang out together too.


And we’re oh so thankful for a lovely night out in Vancouver we had recently at a sweet restaurant called Boneta in Gastown.  Our meal (and apple tart dessert!) was lovely and it was so nice to have a night on the town.  (And I’m so glad there wasn’t any dirt on the menu here.  Maybe we’ll be brave enough for Wildebeest next time!)


I really enjoyed our pre-dinner walk.  There are so many cute little stores and sites in Gastown and I can’t wait to go back and shop and eat again!  (I must shout out Vancouver!  It is such a great getaway if you’re looking for a close place to go from Seattle to reconnect with your spouse san enfants or with the family for a fun adventure.)



We also had the novelty of our first drop-off party in Seattle.  (Oh the Interbay Little Gym is so fantastic for kids’ parties!  We’ve been to a couple parties there WITH our kids and they’ve been great.  They are so caring and professional that leaving our kids there for a party wasn’t a huge deal.)
And what do you do with a little chunk of unexpected no-kid time on the weekend? The hubby and I leisurely shopped for supplies for a camping trip.


We grabbed some coffee.  And wine and chocolate for later.


Then picked up our tired kids who behaved like angels at dinner and went promptly to sleep.  Best Goodie Bag EVER!

(And yes, moms of babes in arms.  There is definitely a heaven. )


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