If your kids love noodles…

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you might want to try making them.  There are so many great cookbooks for kids and I found a great book that helps kids learn how to cook some of their favorite foods.  We tried making noodles the other day and it was so much fun!

Noodles kids can make

A Silver Spoon for Children” is the perfect book for cooking with kids!  It is full of really neat Italian recipes with great illustrations so even my young guys could kind of understand the process.

I loved how easy the recipe was.  There were only three ingredients: eggs, a fancy Italian flour (we couldn’t find it so used bread flour and it turned out fine) and water.

photo(1120)  photo(1118)
I just wish I supervised the egg cracking better.  There were many large shell fragments but I managed to get most of them out.  It was a long process and the kids made me do a lot of the rolling and cutting, and I wish I could have given them more credit for this noodle mess.  I think next time they’ll want to get more involved.

Making noodles with kids
Perhaps it’s an argument for the pasta attachment for my mixer?
Making noodles with kids
We served our noodles with olive, cheese and tomatoes and our pasta dish turned out pretty yummy. I can see us getting better at this over time.

(PS. we are also trying out a few other kid’s cookbooks right now.  I have the Mom and Me cookbook by Anable Karmel because I loved her baby food series so much and Pretend Soup by Molly Katzen.  We’re looking forward to lots of kid-made meals this summer!)


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