My nemesis the Fitbit and why you shouldn’t give your credit card info over the phone

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So the hubby got me a Fitbit for my birthday.


“This is going to help you have many more birthdays” he said.

“Blech.”  I said.  I was unimpressed.  And I was right. The 10,000 step counter thing is driving me crazy.  For some reason, this thing is totally addictive and I keep having to top my score and if I don’t beat it daily, I feel absolutely desolate and depressed.  I’m sure this is what it feels like to live in a video game.

I prefer sloth.

sloth at toucan rescue ranch

And I totally want this sloth shirt.

sloth astronaut tshirt

And, as usual, this reminds me there are sloths in Costa Rica that totally need our help.  My friend Leslie is trying to raise money to make a medical center at her Toucan Rescue Ranch and I totally want to see this happen.  I’m including them in my year-end giving and if you could send a few dollars their way, or even just visit and tour them if you’re in the area, you will probably be as awed as I am.

And yes, that was a solicitation for help, but I can’t help myself when it comes to things like the Toucan Ranch which I’ve been to, support and love.  And I’ve been SO many telemarketing requests lately, I can’t help but put a plug in for my own cause. I always tell places that call me I’ll donate on their website if they are a reputable non-profit because that way I have a paper trail and I can keep track of what and where I’ve given. I also like to research how much they actually use toward their cause and how much they use for ‘administration’ so I can make an informed decision about my gift.  And I really don’t think anybody should be giving out their credit card info to strangers on the phone anymore because it’s dangerous, so I’m not sure why the calls keep coming.

When I have the time, I do try be accommodating to organizations who still think solicitation over the phone while you’re cooking dinner or putting kids to bed is a valuable way to get support.  The other day I heard about the birth of a giraffe CUB at our local zoo and I was a little thrown off by that one.  Perhaps they are bringing in a new species.  But my best call ever, didn’t even have a non-profit request:

“This is a service call for your Windows system.  It is sending out viruses.”

Oh, I said to the person with the heavy accent who did not identify themselves as being from Microsoft or any company at all for that matter.  Do you want my credit card info?

“Yes. If you have lots of money you can give me your information?”

Excuse me? I said to clarify.  I was having a little hard time understanding what they wanted.


Oh sorry.  I don’t have a lot of money.  Have a nice day.

“IDIOT” said the voice over the phone and she hung up on me.

I’m really glad I have a no credit card over the phone policy.  It sounds like many other people don’t and it might be a little dangerous.

(PS. I’m standing up as I type this because I need to get in another 6000 or so more steps today.  BLECH.)

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  1. That really is a great response to those computer virus phone calls. I’m sure they don’t get that response very often.

  2. I wasn’t really trying to give them a good response, but I needed to find out if it was a scam ASAP:) Thanks!

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