If you love your fitbit and lose it

how not to lose your fitbit
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I am just a little jealous of all the people posting their steps in all my social media feeds.

I’m counting with you, but mine are getting counted a little more manually right now.

Like the 10 steps I just took while standing at my computer, I’m totally writing down. On paper. Maybe I’ll remember to count a couple hundred steps today and maybe I’ll post my hand-written count so I can fit in.  Or maybe I’ll just keep posting this one screenshot from a good day ages ago:

fitbit stats

Because I’ve now lost three Fitbits since I got one for my birthday last year so Santa refused to get me another one.

And before you go feeling all sorry for me, the 2nd time I lost my Fitbit, the lovely people at Fitbit even sent me another one to replace it.

I am just Fitbit hopeless.

But every so often, they turn up.  I even found one in the pocket of a jacket I brought to Denmark this past spring.

SO if you have lost yours, and you think all hope is lost, this is how I would look for it because this is what I’m doing now:

  • While my fitbit still might have a chance of having a battery signal, I try and sync my phone with the the fitbit. I do this in a few rooms in the house and usually I can narrow down where it might be. If I don’t get a signal in the house then I try syncing in my car and I’ve found my fitbit on the floor of the car this way a few times.  I wish I’d attached this new Tile thing the hubby found to my fitbit the last time I saw it.  I haven’t lost anything we’ve attached the Tiles to yet, but apparently they will help us find the things I lose.  It’s only a matter of time and then I’ll update you on if it really works.
  • If I know when I lost my fitbit, I retrace my steps. One time I found me fitbit outside my kid’s school the next day and I often find it between my car and any place we’ve stopped if I haven’t attached it properly to my clothes.
  • I check the pockets of the clothes I was wearing and the laundry and my purses.  I have found my fitbit in the laundry many many times.  And often I’ve found it in a purse that I might have worn to workout or to an event where I don’t want people seeing my fitbit and I’ve stashed it away.
  • This info on fitbit’s site is totally helpful too.  And when they say to ask for help, they seriously mean it.
  • And then I wait because sometimes trying to find it is like looking for a needle in a haystack.  I think mine may turn up again.  I last saw one of the three in mid-December, so its battery has probably died.  It’s likely just waiting for me to do a little spring cleaning, and I’ll find it.  And when I do I’m going to get myself a trophy from Tory Burch to keep it in and celebrate.

Did you recently get a Fitbit?  Have you lost your too?  And if you have, where’s the farthest place from home you’ve found your Fitbit?  Or maybe you might have a tip for me on where I can find my Fitbit.  Thanks!


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  1. You are hilarious, but I would probably lose a fitbit too if I had one… unless it was encased in some gorgeous Tory Burch jewellry-ness 🙂 Good tip!

  2. LOL this is why I have not gotten a fitbit. Don’t they have similar ones that are like watches now? I need to get one that attaches to my body not my clothes!

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