Savoring the last days of cherry blossoms in Seattle

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All it will take is another big storm like the crazy thunder and hailstorm we had here the other night and we probably won’t be seeing these beauties again until next spring and I can already tell by my instagram feed that many of you have now moved on to tulips so I guess the end is inevitable.  But if you are like me and still can’t get enough of cherry blossoms in Seattle, they are definitely a wonderful excuse to go walking through the neighborhood at night.  (I have also been walking more because a health app just showed up on my phone and apparently it counts steps which is perfect because I still can’t find my fitbits.  Have you used this app?  Is it pretty accurate?)

cherry blossoms in seattlecherry blossoms at night in seattlecherry blossoms in seattle

Or for stopping by the Pike Place Market.  I’ve actually never noticed these blossoms by City Target before and how they frame the front of the market so beautifully.

cherry blossoms near pike place market

I’ve also seen a bunch at Greenlake Park and I need to get back there with the kids because of course they’re going to want to pose in front of them for me. (NOT.  How on earth do people get pictures of their kids in front of cherry blossom trees?  I’m trying to find cherry blossom trees on baseball fields so I can pretend we’re going to practice baseball and then sneak in some pictures.)

Parentmap also has a list of great cherry blossom viewing areas in Seattle too!

Cherry blossoms really are everywhere right now.cherry blossoms in seattle   cherry blossoms in seattle

And they do need to be celebrated.  So I’ll be doing my best in the next few days to find as many cherry blossoms in Seattle as possible.  How about you?

(PS. This year’s Cherry Blossom festival at Seattle Center is not until April 24th/25th 2015.  I wonder if we’ll still have cherry blossoms blooming in the city by then.  I hope so. Don’t you?)

(PPS. have you ever braved going to the cherry blossoms on UW campus?  And if you’re not from Washington, do you have cherry blossoms where you live and where is your favorite place to see cherry blossoms in your city?)

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