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May 19, 2014 by Terumi

Happy Monday lovelies! I can hardly wait for the boys to go to school this morning because this book arrived in the mail this weekend


and I haven’t had a chance to open it and read it yet.  I love star signs and the fact that these Astrologers are twins is something very cool to me. I’m hoping I can pop by the event they are putting on in Capitol Hill on the weekend to celebrate the Momstrology booklaunch. If you’re in Seattle I’ll probably see you there!  (I heard there will be Fire Station tours at this party if you have little fire truck lovers like we do!)

Tillamook, one of my favorite places in Oregon to visit also sent me a bunch of ice cream bars in the mail! Apparently you can get your hands on some too because they’re giving two summer supplies away through a contest on instagram and Twitter through May 26th. So far I’m totally in love with the Moocha Latte one and I noticed they have a dollar off coupon on their website if you’re thinking of trying them and want to save some money. pastries at le Panier in the market

I also developed an ever deeper love of Le Panier in Pike Place Market because of a tour we took last week.

pike place market

I bought the tour in an auction for the Pike Place Market Foundation  and I was shocked when I figured out Kristi Drake, the co-owner was going to take time out of her busy day to give my family a tour.  I loved how everyone we met there was so warm and friendly and they were so welcoming to my kids.  I think pastries taste nicer at places that feel happy and I know I’ll remember this tour fondly every time we visit.

delicious coffee at le panier

It’s their 30th birthday this year and I am so thankful we had a chance to tour such an iconic part of Seattle’s food history and we’ve already popped in for breakfast since we went on the tour and weren’t the least bit surprised to see people lined up outside the door to get pastries.

sitting in le panier


We will probably also have to sneak another trip to Tacoma sometime soon too because my biggest purchase last week was a membership to the lovely Point Defiance Zoo.

elephant at point defiance zoo

I haven’t been there in years and I heard they are such a fun place to visit with kids.  The guys and I popped in for a short visit on Friday and had a great time exploring.  I especially loved seeing the puffins and elephants and the guys loved that they could touch the stingrays.

puffins at point defiance zoo

touch a stingray at point defiance zoo

Thiis duck swimming nonchalantly in the polar bear exhibit was just too hilarious.

duck in the polar bear exhibit

And since we usually go to the Woodland Park Zoo,  I’m glad we were brave enough to adventure more south for the day because we are so fortunate that we have two fabulous zoos within an hour of each other and I will travel anywhere to see cute animals.

I also want to figure out what these flowers are so if you know please feel free to chime in.  I saw them at the Ballard Farmer’s Market yesterday and they were just too pretty.  (I actually saw a 7-year old snapping a picture of them and had to take a picture too!)

flowers at ballard market

So, I hope you have a lovely Monday exploring and eating around in your city!  Traveling is fun, but sometimes it’s nice just hanging out in your own neighborhood.

(PS. I already told you but I did get some Tillabars in the mail to try.  They were yummy and I was not obligated to provide a review but yes, these opinions are my own…..)


  1. Erin :) says:

    They are alliums or onion flowers. I have them in our yard and I love them too!

    • Terumi says:

      Thanks Erin! I totally need to pick some up at the market next time. They are so gorgeous! You’re so lucky that you have them in your yard!

  2. Jamie says:

    Wait, what?! You saw puffins?! And didn’t even need to go to Oregon or Iceland?!

    • Terumi says:

      you better believe I’ll be heading to Oregon soon to see them. I looked them up after you told me and you can totally see them at Canon Beach!!! And if you and the girls ever want to go to the Point Defiance Zoo let me know:)

  3. […] The hubby and I joke about how often we come to Pike Place Market.  And since I decided that I love the mint ice cream at nearby Bottega Italia, I think we’ve been coming a LOT more than usual (We visited at least 8 times in the past couple weeks and each visit except our last one turned up NO mint ice cream, so now Strawberry Basil is my backup flavor there and it is pretty delicious too.)  So, of course we know about the gum wall and where to find yummy pastries. […]

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