What I’m buying the Monday after camping the July 4th weekend now that it’s finally summer

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We can finally say it’s summer in Seattle.  We completed our first camping trip in the Olympic National Park and the boys had a fantastic time.  Me, I’m still a little wary about having only nylon protecting me from the wild outdoors, so I was really happy that our site (Willaby Campground if you’re curious-I’ll have more on this later!) was near the Lake Quinalt Lodge

lake quinalt lodge

for a little refuge from all things feral.  So now I’m safely back to civilization and shopping for therapy and getting prepared for a fabulous summer in Seattle.

camping at Willaby Campgroundlake quinalt
The hubby and I scooped up some pairs of Knockaround Sunglasses when they had a free shipping sale this weekend.  I bought the Bio-based sunglasses in blue but really want pink too.  I love that they’re made of plant-based material that looks like plastic and I’m dying to see how they look in real life!  And they’re pretty inexpensive so I’m pretty impressed!

knockaround biobased sunglasses

I also am considering these Toms for the guys because they have a really cool flag print and my guys are obsessed with flags!

toms with flags on them

I saw Toms at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Visitor Center when I went there last week and it reminded me of how cool this company is for giving back one for one. And I didn’t realize that they’d ventured into coffee that supports clean water, so once again I’m totally curious!

And I’m definitely going to get the first season of Orange is the New Black for our next vacation (where we actually have WIFI, and a roof over our heads and toilets that are not shared.) because everyone I know is talking about it and I really loved the book!

I also just fell in love with Loft’s new Lou and Grey brand, and I’m excited to see what this tshirt dress feels like when it arrives.  Their mantra: “clothing for a comfortably confident life” just speaks to me (because if it’s not comfortable I WON’T wear it!) and I hope they open a Seattle store soon!

lou and grey tshirt dress

But for the rest of the day, I won’t be moving anywhere.  I’ll be sitting on my patio in the sunshine circling all the things I love in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Catalog, because, oh my goodness that sale starts in a few days (thank God for early access!), and that my friends is the official start of summer for me.

So Happy Shopping Monday and I hope you’re enjoying the day as much as I will be!
(PS. one of our favorite Seattle bakeries made this list of Best Bakeries in America!  Congratulations, Le Panier, we love you and I’m seriously considering traveling to Atlanta and a few other states solely based on the yummy bakery pictures in this list!)



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  1. I bought the chambray striped dress from the new Loft line this weekend, too, and some of their drawstring pants. Can’t wait to try them on!

    1. Have you seen them in store? I love their nods to color and texture but only from their online pics. I really like to feel my fabric:) Can’t wait to see how yours look too:)

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