Anniversary sale shopping, adventures with my dog nephew and oh so much sun on a Monday

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  • July 14, 2014
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britney spaniel
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One of my very favorite people stopped in town with my favorite dog nephew the same weekend that my very favorite sale started at Nordstrom so we definitely spent some much needed time picking up goodies and catching up.

dining at London Plane

We had a lovely lunch at London Plane and then did done serious shopping at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I really liked this white furry jacket, the excellent deal on Zella workout pants, and too many other things, then I stopped in at the Poketo pop-in shop and checked out some jewelry from a Seattle designer called Baleen. Of course I really wanted to bring home these sloths!

sloth toys hanging out

I also love this list on what to buy at the anniversary sale from Andrea at Skinnypurse: Andrea is ever-stylish and I definitely love the shoes she picked on her list!
Lou and Grey from Ann Taylor Loft is also my new favorite and you’ll probably hear about it a lot because this is a new love and I’m going to swoon. The sweet dress I found last week  arrived and I’ve already received so many complements that I went back to check out more things and I realized that they have many spontaneous and tempting sales. Like last night they had a deal where many things were on sale 70% till midnight so I was totally excited. But this also means I need to be careful when I buy things there or I might pay way more for something that will soon be discounted.  Of course, this is a risk I’m totally happy to take.  (Remember, I’m so in love with these clothes right now!)
I am also thankful for twitter and how it has helped with customer service and ultimately helped with shopping.  I tweeted Fitbit because I had lost my 2nd fitbit and didn’t know what to do and they were kind enough to direct me to their help page and even replaced it when we realized I probably lost it at a gas station far away from home.
I also had trouble getting help from Marriott Rewards on a weekend when their service center was closed but through twitter I was able to get answers and help to my problem and it was comforting to know that there are actually real people out there when customers need solutions.

But as with all things public, I don’t recommend tweeting your problems for everyone to read but going through twitter’s direct messaging is an excellent way to go and it’s really nice that many businesses are interacting through twitter and seem to really want to connect with their customers.

Coyle's bakeshop pain au chocolat

I’ve been following Coyle’s bakeshop on facebook for a while and now I’m now a huge fan in real life. Coyle’s bake shop is a pop up that happens at a cookbook store in Fremont called Book Larder on Saturdays. We picked up an assortment of delicious pastries for a fantastic picnic in Snoqualmie.  I also wanted to try the coffee from the stand outside, but we didn’t have enough time that day. I know we’ll make a point to stop in again soon so I’m not worried.

Coyle's bakeshop berry tart

And I love that Uvillage is dog-friendly because it was nice for my dog nephew to get some air-conditioning time in this weekend and it was a great activity we could all do together.  There isn’t always a lot for big dogs to do on hot days!

dog enjoying uvillage

But for us people?  It’s perfect!  Can you believe this sky from last night’s Sounders game?  We are still groggily waking up after a late night, but I hope you stay cool this Monday and enjoy a fabulous shopping week!

sunset in seattle

(PS. what are YOU buying at the anniversary sale???)

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