The cutest little ice cream stand in Copenhagen (Oswald’s Isbar, Copenhagen)

  • Terumi
  • June 18, 2014
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And maybe the sweetest ice cream man I’ve ever met.

Oswald the Ice Cream Man

We biked to this adorable little neighborhood looking for the smallest hotel in Copenhagen and its coffee shop underneath after we had a lovely morning biking to an amazing playground I saw on Pinterest.  (Did I tell you we biked a TON in Copenhagen?  It’s what convinced me to buy a bike when we got home.  The best souvenir EVER, I think.)

Mirror house in Copenhagenlittle playground

When we realized the shop was too small for lunch we turned a couple corners and found another intriguing street full of beautiful shops.

smallest hotel in Copenhagenpretty street in Copenhagen
Oswald the ice cream man saw us outside his shop trying to decide if we wanted ice cream and convinced us we needed one right away.

oswald's isbar copenhagen

ice cream in copenhagen
The kids were thrilled as he created the most amazing ice cream for them.  (And while they devoured their treats the hubby strolled across the street and got a coffee from Rist Kaffebar and was pretty impressed too.)

best ice cream store in Copenhagenplaces to visit with kids in copenhagen
Within minutes of us buying there was a ginormous line.

biking to ice cream
I liked that we just happened upon this whimsical shop.
We hadn’t looked it up.
Or read a review.
Oswald just magically appeared.
And I have to remember this moment when I’m anxiously planning our next trip- I might have missed this place if we were stuck to an itinerary or a set adventure and I hope if you ever get lost in Denmark you find Oswald and his amazing ice cream shop too!

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