Because I survived two weeks while the husband was away in Japan shopping on a Monday

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So I did it.  I totally survived even though I didn’t think I would ever be able to even take care of myself for the whole time without missing all the kids’ classes or blowing up the house in a disaster.  I was alone with the kids for TWO WEEKS and we all are still alive and OK and the house is still standing.

The hubby was away for work for TWO WEEKS in JAPAN.  He said he worked hard.

I saw his photo-stream.

biking through arashiyama japansoba meal in arashiyama japanjapan

arashiyama Japan

And when I picked him up at the airport I looked down at my unwashed clothing, my unkempt hair, and thought about the two wild children pulling at my ankles for the past 336 hours.

“I’m glad you worked hard dear” I said.

And now I’m sort of shopping to make up for it all.  But I’m not really shopping because for the first time EVER in the past 5 years someone STOLE my packages from right off my porch and it creeps me out that someone took things I picked out for myself and my kids and knows things about me that I don’t post here like maybe my size, or maybe my choice of underwear or boots that my friend ordered because she was trying to get a really cute color.  (Yes, that is what makes it the most awful!  It’s not even just MY stuff that got taken!!!!)

At least the thief had the decency to not take the Kind bars that Kind Snacks so nicely sent me in the mail to try.  Stealing something with KIND written on it must have seemed just over the top.  But if they knew how yummy these were, they probably should have taken them and had a really nice snack while they enjoyed opening all my stuff.  (I really liked the Caramel Almond and Sea Salt flavor)

beach day at golden gardens

But instead, I enjoyed a Kind bar on the beach while I watched all my guys build sand tunnels in the rain.

cold morning in seattlebeach morning at Golden Gardens

And I’m realizing that I don’t totally need a lot of other things.

Just some yummy snacks, some time on the beach and people I love.

So today I’m just browsing.

Not buying.

And hoping my stolen packages might have helped a troubled someone find what they were looking for.

Because everything I love is right here at home.  And I’m so thankful that even though it felt a little lonely these past two weeks, I’ve never felt so alone or helpless or stuck that I’d need to take someone else’s undies or kids’ boots to make life okay.

(PS. FYI Kind Snacks sent me some snack bars to try but these opinions here are my own and I was not required to write a review.)

2 thoughts on “Because I survived two weeks while the husband was away in Japan shopping on a Monday

  1. Haha, my husband is gone 1 week a month – to Brazil. Do I feel bad for him? NO! Good job surviving, it really is tough!!

    1. Brazil? That’s awesome! But a lot work for you every month. Do you ever get to go? I’d Love to hear more about Brazil travel:)

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