Scenes from a Northwest Summer

delicious bakery in vancouver bc
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How. Hot. Can. It. Get??  Is this really Seattle?  Is this really what a Northwest Summer looks like?

Seattle weather for August 3

Have you been loving this crazy weather as much as we have?

I swear the few people in Seattle who actually OWN umbrellas are using them to shield them from the sun.  This is a conundrum.  Do we dare buy sun umbrellas when we don’t use them for rain?

And do you even remember what these are?  These are puddles, Seattle.  Puddles.

puddles at Discovery Park

But we don’t care.

It’s been sunny for days.

running down the hill at the Olympic Sculpture Park Seattle  playground in Coquitlam during a northwest summer 2014 turtle eating clover at Tacoma Zoo solar flowers at the Seattle Science Center blue angels in seattle

picking blueberries wtih kids

myrtle edwards park

And we love it.

giant sprinkler ball

Summer in the northwest is amazeballs.

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