A secret river spot and three of my faves

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Somewhere in Coquitlam, a river runs through it, and I wouldn’t have known about a sweet spot to hang out in it if it weren’t for these two who are celebrating a handful and a bit of years today.

breakfast at Tillicum Place

It seems like it was just yesterday.


But then this seems like yesterday too.

family photo in hawaii

We’re so lucky to have you two in our lives.  You are so caring and wonderful to me and my family and I can’t wait to celebrate with something bubbly somewhere fabulous soon:)

sitting in the river
And this one, who managed to brave the mighty river with us, is also celebrating his own milestone birthday and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

hanging out with uncle nwatching a tbirds gameI’m so thankful for you and how you are so great at hanging out with my little guys, being best friends with my big one and for trekking down here when we need a hand.

helping with hockeyfloating down the river

The kids are dreaming about the next time they get to go hit the “big rapids.”

a river runs through it in coquitlamrafting in a secret coquitlam  river

And I’m thankful you help keep them so safe when they do.

I hope you all are having a wonderful day where ever you are.  We’re definitely sending love and wishes out your way.

(PS. Rivers are unpredictable so I’m not posting our exact location, and if you’re looking for a place in a river to hang out, please be careful– a bear was spotted just 100 ft from where we were.  But one thing you can definitely count on if you’re in Coquitlam with kids: The City Centre Aquatic Centre opens up EARLY at 5:30am everyday and we’ve been there on early wake up days with our guys and it is so fun.  It is way better than any pool in Seattle, and I would almost say it’s worth a drive up just to hang out in the pool, eat sushi at Matoi, and hike along and splash in  a river.)

(PPS. Apparently, my hometown is the bear-sighting capital of BC. )

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