Not Scary Shopping for lice-prevention on a spooky Monday

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Ok, so you might think the scariest thing about this week is Halloween, but in our kindergarten class we’ve been seeing scary things since the start of school.  We’ve had TWO lice letters since school has started.  TWO.  And because we already fear bed bugs with all the travel we do, that is definitely something that has been making my skin crawl since way before Halloween stormed into our October making it all cool to freak people out.  And while we haven’t (knock on wood, throw salt over shoulder, and say jinx three times for good luck) seen anything creepy crawly in our house yet, I feel like we have a greater chance of seeing them with twins having 2 out of 20ish kids in a classroom.  (My husband explained odds to me the other day when we entered a raffle and I now realize this is kind of the same thing except there is no fun trip to win with this one.) I bought a lice-comb to quell my fears but I didn’t know what else to do to make myself feel better about our precarious situation.  (I also read about head lice on the Seattle Children’s Hospital website because it’s important to know the facts.)

So when I received some kids’ hair products from a line called Glop and Glam from Gene Juarez the other day, I was just excited that they were ingredient-conscious, they smelled delicious and that my kids might like them.

glop and glam natural haircare for kids

I didn’t realize they held the key to my sanity.

Do you see this?  Apparently Glop and Glam has Lice-Preventative Ingredients.  lice prevention by glop and glam

Oh Gene Juarez, thank you for helping my head (quite literally, actually), we’ve all been using the Glop and Glam stuff.


Even me. I think we might be fans for life. (I noticed that there is a special offer for October 2014 on the Gene Juarez website: if you purchase two Glop and Glam products you get a detangler for free so I think that’s a decent deal.  The detangler smells delicious.)

And I have also been shopping for slouchy hats (read: hair armor) so that my hair is protected during school drop-off.

I saw this adorable Halloween-friendly hat at ASOS this morning.  And I inadvertently stumbled on this swimsuit you might like to wear to celebrate the birth of the triplet lion cubs at Woodland Park Zoo the other day. (The lion baby adorableness on the video from the zoo blog is definitely something that can cure any Monday blues.)

swimsuit with a lion face on it

I love that Urban Outfitters ‘hats’ page makes shopping really user-friendly.

I like this double-layer slouch beanie so this is probably the one I’ll get.

perfect fall hat

This Anthro one is gorgeous, but unfortunately so out of my budget. (Especially if we get lice and I have to burn every hat I own.  We take things a little to the extreme in this house.)

So hopefully happy lice-free Monday to you and I hope you are enjoying a little bit of Seattle sunshine and have your power back so you can do some shopping and watch the baby lions too:)  Did you have a nice weekend?

(PS. I received some samples of Glop and Glam from Gene Juarez but I was not required to write about it and I would not have if I didn’t like it and these opinions are always my own.)


10 thoughts on “Not Scary Shopping for lice-prevention on a spooky Monday

  1. Ugh! Lice are not fun. My daughter got it two years ago. I was OBSESSED – picked her hair every night for a week, gooped her hair with gel and covered with a shower cap every night to sleep in and bagged and washed all her bedding. My other two kids kept getting checked too, but luckily no one else got it! 🙂

  2. Lice freaks me out too…my kids are homeschooled, but between the church nursery/Sunday school, and our other weekly outings, it’s still a reality. Ick. Glad to know there is a preventative product out there!

    1. Me too:) i just got scared thinking there was nothing i could do to prevent it so glad glop and glsm found me:)

  3. OMG! I totally agree with that lice is a very scary thing! That is much scarier than most of the other things we’ll be seeing on Halloween. I’ll remember the Goop and Glam is we hear of an outbreak in our school.

  4. We got the dreaded lice letter last week too!! Ugh! Thankfully nothing has turned up and hopefully it will not, but so not fun to deal with. I need to check out this line for my kiddos. Thanks!

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